Dental Implants: Best Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth Maple Grove, MN

Dental Implants: Best Long-Term Solution for Missing Teeth

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Missing teeth have long represented one of the biggest challenges for dental patients, but that’s not the case any longer. While bridges and dentures provide patients with a lot of functionality and aesthetic improvement over missing teeth, they still come with a host of issues that dental implants manage to work around, prevent, or sidestep completely. As a result, your dentist in Maple Grove, MN, recommends them to any patient who qualifies for the procedure.

Why Implants Are More Permanent Than Other Options

When professionals place implants, they are anchored in the jaw like the roots of natural teeth. That allows them to provide the jaw with stimulation to avoid the loss of tissue over time, just like natural teeth. That means their fit doesn’t change over time because the tissue around them is preserved in ways it can’t be preserved by bridges or dentures. Thanks to the way the anchors bond with the jaw over time, they just become more secure with age.

Other Advantages Implants Bring

Being strong and permanent gives implants a lot of other advantages patients notice right away:

  • No dietary restrictions
  • Natural smile
  • Less impact on speech
  • Easy to clean and maintain

There’s practically no difference between cleaning your implants and brushing and flossing natural teeth, so your familiar routine can stay familiar. The best part is the porcelain replacement teeth are brilliant and beautiful, so if they are maintained, you can keep a bright smile that will dazzle friends and family.

Ask a Dentist About Implants

Dental implants are the go-to recommendation for otherwise healthy patients now that the results are in about the success rate of placements and the extra techniques available to help complicated cases. To learn more, contact our office and make a consultation appointment. Staff members are ready to set times and answer questions during regular business hours. There’s no reason to wait.

published on May 23, 2019