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Artistry, Skill and Dedication in Dentistry

Dental crowns and bridges are one of the most common procedures performed by dentists in America. While common, you should partner with a skilled dentist to create natural looking dental crowns and bridges that will add aesthetics and strength to your teeth. At Weimar Family Dentistry we believe in artistry, skill and dedication and we apply this philosophy when creating our restorations for patients. You can expect a restoration that looks like a real tooth and functions as one too. What’s more, we utilize CEREC same-day technology to design and mill custom crowns in just one appointment. This means you won’t leave our office with a temporary crown, you’ll leave with your permanent, CEREC crown.

What are Crowns and Bridges

A dental crown is a lifelike cap for a cracked tooth or one that has received extensive treatment. The crown will be designed to match the size, shape and color of your surrounding teeth so it blends seamlessly into your smile. A tooth capped with a dental crown will be able to be used as a normal tooth right after placement.

Dental bridges are a collection of crowns that are used to span the gap of missing teeth. We attach the bridge to abutment teeth on each side of the gap to form an effective restoration that will look and function like normal. This will allow you to chew effectively and even look natural within your smile.

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CEREC Technology for Same Day Crowns

dr-weimar-using-cerec-technology on his patient
Cerec Technology Process

We believe in advanced technology that makes our patient’s experience great, which is why we have invested in advanced CEREC technology. CEREC allows us to create customized, same day dental crowns in our own office. Our CEREC machine will custom mill a crown out of high quality porcelain material in around an hour so that you will never have to go a day without your permanent new tooth. The quick turnaround time of CEREC benefits patients who may need emergency restorations or want to enjoy a beautiful new same day dental crown after receiving dental implants or a root canal.

You Deserve to Enjoy Your Smile

With our natural looking dental bridges and same day dental crowns, you can have a smile free of problems like a cracked tooth or gaps. Dr. Richard Weimar has received Advanced CEREC Training and participated in nearly 2,000 hours of continuing education to further his skills in the dental field. This experience helps us strive to provide you with quality dentistry that will last.

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Watch Our Patient Testimonials

patient talking about his experience with dental crown
Brett's Experience With Dental Crowns

Hear what our happy patients had to say:

“Dr. Weimar replaced a cracked crown for me. He has the technology to do the work in one visit, so there is no need for a temporary crown and two appointments. It’s always a pleasant and professional experience.” – Barbara T.

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