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How Much Do Dental Implants Cost?

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Get an Estimate of Your Implant Cost

One of the most common questions about dental implants is of the overall cost of the procedure. The process of replacing your missing teeth with dental implants is just as unique as your smile is to you. Every case is different depending on your needs and smile goals. At Weimar Family Dentistry, we offer a free dental implant consultation to evaluate the current state your mouth and hear all your concerns and hopes for the procedure. After this consultation we will be able to give you a more accurate estimate on your dental implant cost.

dr weimar talking about dental implant cost
Dr. Richard Weimar Talks About Dental Implants Cost

What Determines Dental Implant Cost

  • Tooth Extractions

    Tooth Extraction Example
    Failing or damaged teeth will need to be extracted and replaced with a dental implant. If you are looking for a full-arch implant solution we will have to extract remaining teeth to make room for the prosthesis.
  • Bone Grafting

    Bone Grafting Example
    Many times, those who are missing teeth also suffer from bone loss in their jaw. Without having adequate bone volume, dental implants can’t be placed successfully. We may need to restore the bone that was lost through bone grafting in order to allow for implant placement.
  • Gum Disease Treatment

    Gum Disease Example
    Those who are affected by gum (periodontal) disease will need to be treated before dental implants can be placed. Without healthy gums and bone, the implant has a high chance of failure.
  • Severity of the Case

    Severe dental problems in need of dental implant
    The dental implant cost will vary depending on the number of teeth to be replaced or the procedures performed. Replacing one missing tooth is a very different cost than replacing multiple or even a full arch of teeth. The location of the teeth to replace can also determine the cost.
  • Same Day Teeth

    same day teeth diagram
    Those who choose to replace a full arch of teeth can receive all new teeth the same day as their implants are placed. This prevents the need to wear dentures or go without teeth as the implants heal and prosthesis is created. With our TeethXpress® same day teeth, you can have a number of dental implants placed and a prosthesis placed the same day as surgery.

An Investment in Your Smile

Dental implants are a positive investment in your overall health and can drastically change your quality of life. You will be able to smile with confidence, eat the foods you love and speak clearly without anyone ever knowing you were missing teeth to begin with! Many patients enjoy the fact that they can practically forget they were ever missing a tooth, because with proper oral care at home and routine dental hygiene visits, your implants can last you the rest of your life. You can join our thousands of other satisfied patients with a smile they are proud to show off!

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“Dr. Richard Weimar and staff answered all my questions, procedures, quality of materials and showed me exactly what would be done. Today I had two Implants installed with no pain and complete satisfaction! Dr. Richard Weimar and staff are “First Class in All Ways!” – Ron J.

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