Dental Implant Process Overview Maple Grove, MN

Dental Implant Process Overview

Dental Implant Process

Thinking about getting dental implants. Great, where do you go from here? For most people, it can be very overwhelming to think about having a dental implant surgically implanted in their mouths. In reality, the dental implant process does not need to be a traumatic experience.

Let’s study the process of dental implants to get to know the system before undergoing the operation.

How long does it take:

Determining the length of your implant procedure will be based on several factors such as

  • Your overall dental health
  • The number of teeth involved in the procedure
  • The location of the teeth
  • And various other micro procedures that may need to be fulfilled before the main implant treatment

In addition, you may need to evaluate certain variables before undergoing surgery. Usually, a single dental implant operation can take up to 1 to 2 hours to complete from beginning to end.

Trust the Process:

The procedure for the dental implant is usually broken down into two phases. The first usually consists of the dentist numbing your mouth with local anesthesia. They will then make incisions in your gums where the implant will go, this is done to make it easier to operate on the determined area. The implants are then placed within the jaw. Once the post is in place, the gums are then closed over the implant and stitched to start the process of healing in order to fuse the titanium component with your jaw bone.

The second phase of treatment is the dentist re-exposing the post of the implant. It will then be fitted with a personalized crown to recreate a natural-looking tooth’s appearance.


Following the surgery, it is normal for your gums and soft tissues to experience any bruising and swelling. Although this may be very painful, with common painkillers like ibuprofen you may be able to subdue the pain.

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published on December 26, 2019