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Dr Weimar and staff are awesome. I had my first crown put on yesterday and luckily they had a cancellation that I got all my work done on my day off. They are so caring as to your comfort level. So wish we would of had dentists like this when I was a kid and wouldn't of turned into such a wimp as an adult. But he took the fear out of me years ago when I started going there. A very caring dentist for sure!! I need the nitro but it is so worth it to me but again they are so caring as to you not having any pain.

— Maureen J.

Once again, a fabulous visit to the dentist! I just can't say enough about how much I appreciate everyone in your office. I've yet to have a bad experience! Everyone is always so friendly, happy and helpful. I'm always telling people about your office, and will continue to do so! You guys are the best!

— Shelly E.

Family friendly, good with kids, easy definition of problem areas and treatment recommendations.

— Jenny S.

Having a tooth pulled and getting ready for an implant (excuse my nontechnical terms) is no easy task to sit through at a dentists office, but this was a breeze! The moment I walked in to office I was treated warmly, kindly and with respect. Dr Weimar or his assistant explained what happening every step of the way. I didn't feel any pain, and still haven't a day later. They had warned me that people feel a lot of pressure when the tooth is coming out. I did feel slight a tugging on the tooth as it was being removed, that was all. Again, through the implant procedure, Dr. Weimar explained what was happening and how far along he was in the process. He also used words such as "perfect", this is coming along "very good" so my patience and confidence in my decision to have the work done was confirmed. I use to hate coming to the dentist, the sound of the drill use to make me tighten my muscles and wince when sitting in the dentists chair. Not any more! I have gone to Weimar Dentistry for about six years, for my routine cleaning. Dr. Weimar and his staff have changed my whole outlook on dentistry. I have great confidence on the honesty, integrity and wisdom of this dentist and I would highly recommend him to anyone,

— Joanie F.

The staff, from the person that welcomes you at the front desk to the assistants and Dr. Weimar, all make the dental visit a calm and professional experience. I am very satisfied with the treatment I have received.

— Julie B.