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Understanding Oral Health

Understanding Oral Health

Many people do not realize how important flossing is in our daily hygiene routines. While flossing may seem time consuming, it is majorly beneficial to our oral health and hygiene. On top of flossing, brushing day and night is essential to clean everything out of the teeth. Flossing removes the excess plaque and debris where build up may occur. Without flossing, your teeth may experience a buildup of plaque, which can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. If you floss along with brushing your teeth, you will notice your gums and teeth will be much healthier.

published on January 15, 2020

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Family Dentists: Why They’re Important

Family Dentists: Why They're Important

Many people wonder if family dental specialists are worth seeing over a regular general dentist. The answer is: yes. Family specialists in the dental field are essential to see if you have a family of all ages, because these dentists have special training in caring for people of all ages.

published on January 2, 2020

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Exciting Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental Implants comes with a numerous amount of exciting benefits. However, there are three top benefits that are high on the list above the rest. Thanks to new advancements in dentistry and in dental technology dental implants are readily available and easy to install. The top three reasons for dental implants are easy care, they preserve the jaw, and you have no dietary restrictions. Review more about these three exciting benefits and why they make dental implants the best option for tooth restoration:

Easy Care
Dental Implants provide a permanent replacement for natural teeth that are missing. Also, because of the fact that dental implants feel and are constructed to match the natural teeth this makes caring for them an easy process. You can simply clean the dental implants using the same techniques you would use to clean your natural teeth. This would include brushing and flossing your dental implants regularly. Also, being sure to have regularly scheduled dental exams to protect yourself from gum disease or other oral health issues. Additional maintenance beyond the above mentioned things is not a requirement.

Preserving the Jaw
When a tooth or teeth are missing the bone around where the tooth would have been will eventually start to deteriorate. With bone deterioration the structure and shape of the jaw can begin to shift which causes a change in the appearance of a person. However, because of the fact that dental implants are placed at the root the jawbone is preserved and essentially dental implants promote bone regeneration. Also, the dental implants protect the bone and overall improve the aesthetic appeal of your entire smile.

Eat What You Want
Unlike with dentures because dental implants are permanently placed into your mouth and are made to function like your natural teeth you don’t have any dietary restrictions. This means the quality of your life will be improved because you no longer have to avoid certain foods for fear of your dentures falling out or getting stuck in your food. Eating what you want when you want gives you newfound freedom.

Contact Us
If you are interested in a permanent replacement for your missing teeth that requires a simple care process then dental implants are the answer for you. Reach out to your dentist to set up a consultation in order to determine if dental implants are the best choice for you and get your questions answered. 

published on November 11, 2019

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The Root Canal Procedure Is Not As Painful As It Looks

The root canal procedure is often expected to be a very painful process. However, root canals are not as painful as they are commonly perceived to be especially largely thanks to the benefits of advanced technology and techniques that are in used in dentistry today. To learn more about root canals please review the information below to help you learn more about the root canal process and the benefits.

Root Canals Help to Preserve Your Smile
If you are avoiding getting a root canal done because you are afraid of the pain you think you might experience then it’s important to consider the pain you will experience as a result of not getting a root canal done. If your tooth is in need of a root canal and you avoid getting one, then your tooth could eventually start to decay and become damaged. A decayed or a damaged tooth is way more painful than a root canal and also avoidance of a root canal would be damaging to your oral health and your overall health. Also, if root canals are left untreated then it could end up turning into irreversible gum disease.

Sedation Makes Root Canals Pleasant
Thanks to advancements in sedation dentistry dental anxiety about the pain associated with a root canal is a thing of the past. Sedation can be administered to a patient who has dental anxiety associated with a root canal. The sedation will help to calm the patients and allow them to relax while the root canal is being performed. Also, after the root canal is done the patient can assume all of their usual activities.

The Importance Of Seeing An Endodontist
When it comes to a root canal it is important to see an endodontist. This is because they have the most experience with performing root canals and because they perform them a lot more often than general dentists. Also, they are more equipped to ensure your comfort while providing you with dental care.

Schedule A Consultation
If you are in need of a root canal please don’t hesitate to contact your dentist so they can refer you to an endodontist. Thanks to sedation there is no longer a need to let dental anxiety keep you from going to the dentist. Also, avoiding having a root canal done will cause your teeth to decay or worse fall out. 

published on November 8, 2019

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Many Issues of Gum Disease

Gum disease is more serious that people generally assume it to be. Many people mistakenly think that gum disease only affects the gum tissue and can be easily taken care of. Unfortunately, this is a misconception that can cause people to underestimate the potential harm diseased gum tissue. While gum disease does have solves, it needs to be found quickly, so the progression does not worsen. Gum disease starts in the gums, but can travel to the jawbone, and eventually deteriorate your jaw. Because the gums are so closely linked to the circulatory system and they are so susceptible, if they are infected, other parts of the body can easily become infected. Here are a just a few of the conditions that have been linked to gum diseases:

published on October 15, 2019

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Natural Teeth Whiteners: Food Edition

It is known how badly sugars effect our teeth. Soda breaks down the enamel, candy creates cavities and decay…but are there any foods that actually benefit our teeth health? You may be surprised to know that there are foods that good for our teeth! If you want to know what you could be eating instead of foods that promote negative oral health, here is a basic list that will get you on the right track, approved by the ADA.

published on October 1, 2019

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