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When you are seeking a dentist for your family, you want a dedicated team that can offer you all the services you require at one convenient location. Weimar Family Dentistry is just that-a friendly and experienced team of professionals that care about their patients while providing efficient dental services. We can see patients for treatments as basic as routine hygiene cleanings to dental implants and even full arch same day teeth. This makes us your one-stop dental headquarters!



Routine hygiene cleanings every six months are one of the most effective ways to prevent disease and damage from affecting your smile. This is a cleaning of your teeth and gums and overall look at your oral health.


If your bite is not properly aligned, it can cause discomfort, migraines and TMJ disorder. We are able to identify the malocclusion and provide treatment to create a more harmonious bite.



With every dental visit our team will examine your mouth for signs of disease or potentially dangerous lesions. By catching and treating these concerns early, you can save your oral and overall health.



Excessive teeth grinding can damage or break teeth, cause migraines and misalign your jaw. We can fit you with a customized mouth guard to prevent your teeth from touching while you sleep and prevent further damage from occurring.



Instead of using traditional metal fillings that can be harmful to your overall health and appearance of your smile, we offer composite fillings. These are made of a healthier material and created to match the color of your teeth.



For teeth that are damaged but do not require a dental crown, we can restore the shape and protect the tooth with an inlay or onlay while preserving much of the natural tooth structure.



Teeth that have minor imperfections like chips, stains or cracks can have a cosmetic bond put over them that restores them to a natural look and color in a quick and minimally invasive way.



When gum tissue recedes from its natural location it exposes the sensitive tooth roots to damage and decay. We can graft healthy gum tissue back over the exposed tooth roots to save them from damage and improve the aesthetics of your smile.



If your gum line is uneven or you show too much gums when you smile, we can reshape the gum tissue to a more aesthetically pleasing appearance.



We understand that accidents happen at the most unexpected times, so we offer emergency dentistry to fit you into our schedule as soon as possible. The quicker you receive care, the more successful treatments typically are.



Your family deserves a dentist that offers you all the dental services you need in one convenient location. You can expect exceptional care at Weimar Family Dentistry as we stand by our treatments and only recommend procedures that you actually need. Dr. Richard Weimar has been practicing dentistry for over 34 years and taken thousands of hours of continuing education courses to better help our patients through the most state-of-the-art dental services.

Dr. Richard Weimar

Dr. Richard Weimar

Dr. Richard Weimar received his BA and DDS degrees from the University of Minnesota and opened his practice in 1984. He has provided exceptional dental care to Minnesota’s Maple Grove and Brooklyn Park communities for over 30 years.

He is a member of many professional associations, including the Academy of Osseointegration, International Congress of Oral Implantology, and American Society of Dental Anesthesiology.

Dr. Weimar is skilled and experienced in almost all areas of dentistry, including sedation dentistry, implants, one-visit crowns using CEREC technology, and veneers. He is a pioneer in introducing many new technologies in the state as he wanted to provide his patients a comfortable, pain-free, faster, and less expensive dental experience. He educates patients on all procedures so they can make informed decisions about their treatments. His mission is to create a dental office where patients can receive all treatments under one roof.