Gentle Extraction of Problem Teeth


Tooth extraction is actually a fairly common procedure that many adults go through at least once during their lifetimes. While we will always do everything necessary to save your natural teeth, sometimes there are circumstances where tooth extraction is needed. Contrary to popular belief, tooth extraction can be a nearly painless experience, with most patients only reporting a mild pressure sensation, and can relieve you of tooth pain or oral discomfort.


If a tooth is infected, severely damaged or causes tooth pain, it is important to get it treated as soon as possible and this may mean a tooth extraction. Leaving a problem tooth untreated could lead to future complications like a spreading of infection, trouble eating, or damage to surrounding teeth or bones. With professional, gentle tooth extraction, we are able to remove these problem teeth and keep your oral health in ideal condition.
Common reasons for tooth extraction include:


When you choose Weimar Family Dentistry for your tooth extraction, we will ensure you have a pleasant and gentle experience. We have invested in advanced sedation dentistry techniques and technology, such as The Wand┬« anesthesia system. The Wand administers anesthesia using a computer to provide the exact amount of anesthesia needed. This will prevent you from feeling discomfort during your tooth extraction and prevent surrounding areas of your mouth from being numb.

Dr. Richard Weimar Talks About Missing Teeth Replacement

Dr. Richard Weimar Talks About Missing Teeth Replacement

After your tooth extraction, you will need to preserve the tooth socket, which is an empty area in the jaw bone where the roots once were. We will restore your jaw using socket preservation bone grafting treatments to fill the empty space and return your jaw to proper volume. This will allow for dental implants to be placed successfully and prevent your surrounding teeth from shifting into the open space.


Tooth extraction does not have to be a procedure you are anxious about and at Weimar Family Dentistry, we can provide a gentle tooth extraction to get you out of pain. Once your tooth extraction is complete, you will be able to pursue many of our replacement options, such as long-term dental implants or effective dental bridges to restore your smile and bite to its proper state. Dr. Richard Weimar has the experience and technology necessary to restore your smile in our own office, so you enjoy your restored smile right away.


Brett's Experience With Dental Implants

Brett talking about his experience with dental implants