CEREC Crowns and Dental Implants: Why You Need Both Maple Grove, MN

CEREC Crowns and Dental Implants: Why You Need Both

CEREC Crowns and Dental Implants: Why You Need Both

Dental implants are known for their longevity, natural appearance and unique ability to avoid loss of bone. If you’re missing the teeth, you’ve probably considered getting implants. You may not have considered what kind of crowns you want to place on top of your implant posts though.

Many dentists offer standard porcelain crowns, which in most cases need to be created off-site and can take days or weeks to produce. However, Dr. Richard Weimar does offer dental crowns from CEREC. These crowns are superior in the following key ways to the lab-made crowns:

  1.       Quality

CEREC crowns generally have fewer flaws than crowns created by laboratories. Indeed, some experts estimate that CEREC crowns are up to 50 per cent more accurate than their counterparts made from the laboratory. This precision helps make sure your crown fits accurately and comfortably.

  1.       Convenience

CEREC dental crowns don’t require your teeth to receive messy and sometimes faulty impressions. Instead, leading technology is used without any discomfort or mess, to take digital impressions of your teeth. Then the digital impressions are sent to a computer-aided design (CAD) program that sends directions to an on-site mill that will create your new crowns.

  1.       Time

While traditional crowns can take days or even weeks to produce in an off-site laboratory, on-site CEREC crowns are created. Your new crowns can be ready to go in as little as five minutes from the time it sends your visual images to the milling machine, due to the advanced technology used to produce them.

  1.       Appearance

CEREC dental crowns are amazingly lifelike and look natural. For the most esthetically pleasing look, they often suit the actual teeth in color.

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If you’re considering dental implants in Maple Grove, Minnesota, make sure you get them placed by a dentist who also offers CEREC dental crowns for best results. Contact our offices located in Maple Grove, Minnesota to schedule an appointment to speak to Dr. Weimar to learn more about the other services that we offer at Welmar Family & Implant Dentistry


published on February 5, 2020